Wave Health App Now Available In Arabic and Hebrew Languages

Free Patient Health App Now Available In Arabic And Hebrew Languages

-Wave Health Is Empowering Patients To Track And Record Their Treatment Experience In 175 Countries-

-Treatment Technologies & Insights, Inc. (TTI) Helps People Facing 240+ Chronic Medical Conditions Get Health Insights From Custom-built Artificial Intelligence Platform-

LOS ANGELES, CA (December 10, 2021) – Wave Health App, a mobile app rated #1 by Cedars Sinai Hospital, today launched its patient technology in Arabic and Hebrew languages. The free health app helps patients track their symptoms, log how they’re feeling, and record important treatment activities to get personal health insights into what helps them feel better or worse, and what activities are tied to negative side effects they experience.

The app is now launched throughout the Middle East and is currently available for free on all iPhone or Android devices in 175 countries. Wave Health has already been previously available in English, German, Spanish, and French, with plans to launch in other languages in the near future.

“We decided to develop the app in Arabic and Hebrew languages, which was a challenge, as it’s an entirely different layout from every other language we have released thus far. So, we consulted with a few doctors in Egypt during the translation phase to make sure we got it right,” says TTI’s Technical Lead, Armando Monroy.

In a recent systematic review out of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (CSMC), Wave was rated as the #1 highest quality mHealth application to track patient-reported outcomes (PROs) for oncology patients.

Wave was updated in 2019 to serve more than cancer patients, as the health app is growing rapidly and reaching more people with complex medical conditions, such as Chronic Pain, Migraines, Ehlers Danlos, Fibromyalgia, Hypertension, and the most impactful growth has been in the Mental Health space, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. Anxiety and Depression remain the fastest growing conditions over the past 18 months.

Wave has a growing and motivated patient community with several thousand active users across 240+ chronic conditions. Wave users log into the app, on average, 5.5 times per day to actively track their entire treatment experience, including updating their symptoms daily, while logging their mood, sleep, hydration, mindfulness, physical exercise, and much more.

Recent results from a user survey obtained on December 9, 2021, amongst 431 Wave users, showed that 94% of users reported that Wave has been a helpful aspect of their treatment journey. Amongst those users, more specifically, 80% reported they feel more “in control” of managing their symptoms.

Wave Health is a free mobile health app from Treatment Technologies & Insights (TTI), a digital health company that creates patient-centered mobile apps and develops physician portals and research platforms to help improve healthcare outcomes for cancer and chronic illness patients.

Wave App’s technology offers a holistic, real-time record & analysis of patient experiences, designed to engage patients in managing treatment side effects, provide doctors with better information for more confident decision-making, and ultimately improve health protocols that lead to better outcomes in the future.

TTI entered the Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) space in 2017 through their launch of chemoWave, a free health app for cancer patients with the same insights and activity tracking capabilities as Wave App. chemoWave is also available across all iPhone or Android mobile platforms.

Read more about the personal story that led to the creation of chemoWave in the American Journal of Managed Care.

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