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Health App Tracks Disease Symptoms, Medications, Side Effects, More

Friday, December 10, 2021 03:35 PM –

By: Lynn Allison

There’s an exciting health app that you can download for free that helps monitor your symptoms, keep track of medications, and identify side effects for a wide variety of medical conditions including cancer, chronic pain, migraines, and even anxiety and depression. Called Wave Health, it is available for both iPhone and Android devices. The mobile app was rated #1 by Cedars Sinai Hospital for tracking patient-reported outcomes, or PROs, for oncology patients.

Necessity is often called the mother of invention, and this certainly was the case for the development of the Wave Health app. When Ric Grenell, former acting director of national intelligence and former U.S. ambassador to Germany, battled non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, he was thrown into a nightmare of chemotherapy and its accompanying side effects. Grenell’s partner, Matt Lashey, helped track Grenell’s symptoms and therapies so they could remember which treatments and medications made him feel better or worse. The couple used the data to accurately communicate this information to Grenell’s physicians.

Fortunately, Grenell’s cancer went into remission. Lashey, whose background is in market research and data analysis, designed an app for tracking treatments and symptoms and together they co-founded Treatment Technology & Insights (TTI), a Los Angeles-based company, to share their discovery with others. In the beginning, the app was dedicated to cancer treatments alone, but now includes over 250 diseases that can be monitored with a few taps on a smartphone and the help of artificial intelligence.

“My first dream is to empower patients, to give them hope and help them play a productive role in their care,” Lashey tells Newsmax, adding that he is now excited for its application in the future. “By analyzing the aggregate data, we can start to identify certain patient characteristics and trends that will impact innovation and the development of new treatments.”

The app also measures blood pressure, heart rate and other vitals, making it an all-in-one, comprehensive patient tracker, says Jaren Grenell, Ric’s nephew, and creative director of TTI. It also syncs with wearables.

‘We are global, and the app is available in virtually every country including the Middle East,” Jaren Grenell tells Newsmax. “We have just made it available in Arabic and Hebrew. There are not many tools available for patients to track their health while facing chronic illness and cancer.”

Another key feature of Wave Health is enhanced communication for patients. “We send users weekly health reports with a breakdown of important trends and data points,” says Grenell. “It’s sent to them weekly, but also has a 28-day trends report that many patients take to their doctors’ appointments to better understand what’s going on with symptoms and overall help.”

Grenell explains that a patient can share updates with their healthcare provider directly from the app or can update the service and subscribe to Wave Pro, which is a more comprehensive, report-generating version of the app available for a modest, monthly fee.

“We’re currently offering 30 days free, and you can cancel anytime,” says Grenell. To find out more about the Wave Health app, take a tour of their website.

For Rosalind Williams, a breast cancer patient in Seattle, the app helped her battle grueling chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation.  She told Newsmax that tracking her symptoms helps identify issues and communicate them with experts who know how to deal with them.

“Along with family and prayer, the app is helping me go through the process,” she said.


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