Life Sciences

Generate Actionable Real-World Data Insights

TTI’s platform produces evidence from real-world scenarios and fills the void in data related to patient diagnoses and outcomes.

Simplify clinical research with TTI's secure patient-reported outcomes platform

Backed By Clinicians

TTI’s patient reported outcomes (PRO) platform was built using evidence-based research and is highly rated by clinicians

Enhance Real World Evidence

Whether during clinical trials or post-launch surveillance, Wave Health offers comprehensive insights to enhance clinical and strategic decision-making.

Integrate Compliantly

We are experienced in implementing our solutions seamlessly – TTI’s digital patient programs are secure and safe to deploy across the continuum of care.

Enhance understanding of treatment outcomes, medication adherence, and patient quality of life

Efficacy Measurement

Gauge product efficacy in clinical development and real-world settings

Risk Management

Identify at-risk patients and intervene to avoid treatment disruptions or trial discontinuation

Value-Based Arrangements

Partner with TTI and payors to execute and track value-based arrangements

Data procurement

Gather important patient data to strengthen your clinical trials and help guide commercialization strategies

Our Life Sciences partners become more informed and connected to their patients

Empowering Patients

TTI uses innovative technology to design platforms that empower patients to manage their condition and learn about how to propel themselves.

Uniquely Custom

Enrolled patients receive a tailored and evidence-based program developed to improve their care and outcomes.

Backed by Research

Research has shown that chronically ill patients who are more engaged with their own care have better health outcomes. (1)

1. Basch, E., Deal, A., Dueck, A., Scher, H., Kris, M., Hudis, C. and Schrag, D. (2017). Overall Survival Results of a Trial Assessing Patient-Reported Outcomes for Symptom Monitoring During Routine Cancer Treatment. JAMA, 318(2), p.197.

Unlock the power of Real World Data

Outcomes Oriented

Understand the patient journey outside of clinical care settings by operationalizing rich patient reported outcomes data.

Highly Engaging

Personalized health insights and industry-leading UX design leads to an average patient app engagement of 6.6 visits per day

Custom Insights

Procure unprocessed data derived from real-world evidence; or commission sophisticated, custom analyses of patient cohorts.

Append Data

Pair traditional clinical trial data with patient reported outcomes data, as well as the likes of EHR data, genetic data, and claims data.

Our platform fits into your ecosystem

Our team works to find a custom solution for your organization and our tools are developed based on a collaborative relationship. It takes a team to achieve the best health outcomes for chronically ill patients.


Assessing your needs

Our team will assess, together with you, what your needs are and what you expect to achieve from working with us.


Getting to work

We custom-build and deliver tools and programs to suit your business and make sure that it fits with your service and care portfolios.


Staying on course

We hold ourselves accountable to your team and your patients once the program has been kicked off and we see it through to completion.

Wave Health App

Facing a chronic condition? Meet Wave – your all-in-one health companion that uses Artificial Intelligence to help you track symptoms, medications, and important daily activities to generate your own personal insights. Take control of how you feel.

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Wave Connect Portal

Enhance practice management with Wave Connect — designed to simplify and automate care workflows.

Leverage real-time electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePRO) data to make informed decisions swiftly. Wave Connect keeps you updated with instant notifications and alerts, ensuring you're always in the loop. Stay ahead with our sophisticated risk prioritization tools that efficiently triage and mitigate risks for population health management.

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