Treatment Technologies
& Insights, LLC

Meet our latest project chemoWave, a mobile app designed to help chemotherapy patients take control of their treatment experience

Treatment Technologies & Insights, LLC (TTI) aims to improve treatment experiences and outcomes for patients and enable more confident decision-making across the entire continuum of patient care.

TTI develops software applications to chronicle and generate treatment insights on the personal experiences of patients with high acuity or chronic conditions.

Improving Treatment Experiences

Increased Engagement

Patients can become more active participants in working with care providers to manage their illness and recovery experience.

More Control

Understanding how a patient’s condition, experiences and actions are related can help to better manage the emotional and physical rollercoaster caused by aspects of treatment.


Knowing and understanding how certain actions and choices are connected to feeling good or bad can provide motivation. Knowledge is power.

Better Personal Insights

Personalized health and treatment insight that is timely and more reliable can lead to care and treatment that is more individualized.

More Efficient Collaboration

More reliable and timely insight on a patient’s treatment experience can improve communication and make Dr. interactions more efficient.

Improved Experiences

Arming patients and care providers with technologies for real-world, evidence-based insights will lead to care that is better optimized for each unique patient.


meet the latest TTI project