Transforming Healthcare through Digital Health Insights and Real-World Data

Leverage TTI’s patient-centric solutions to improve outcomes

The Wave Health platform is comprised of a leading ePRO solution, an HCP portal and an AI-driven data analytics engine.

Our ecosystem collects a diverse and unique data set that supplements clinical data with critical context and individual variables to generate personalized, actionable insights that improve health and reduce costs.

Empower patients to propel themselves through treatment with AI

Our proprietary algorithms are designed to deliver personalized, actionable insights tailored to each patient’s specific activities and experiences.

As patients gain a deeper understanding of their daily condition management, they collaborate with their doctors for more informed decision-making and, in turn, more optimal and timely care.

TTI's Data-Driven Ecosystem

Patient Apps

Tools and insights for patients to manage their daily treatment and play a more active role in coordinating with care teams.

AI Platform

Engineered with Artificial Intelligence to identify how each patient’s activities and experiences are related to condition changes and negative side effects.

Enterprise Solutions

Tools to reduce patient risk, optimize treatments, improve workflows, and harness the power of patient experience data.

Who TTI Empowers


Manage your care and get personal insights and resources with our patient health apps. Learn More


Help manage patient care and provide solutions to lessen the risk of adverse events and lower costs. Learn More


Collaborate for more effective and efficient symptom management and patient care. Learn More

Life Sciences

Generate analyzable real-world evidence to better understand patient experiences and explain outcomes. Learn More

Wave Health App

Facing a chronic condition? Meet Wave – your all-in-one health companion that uses Artificial Intelligence to help you track symptoms, medications, and important daily activities to generate your own personal insights. Take control of how you feel.

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Wave Connect Portal

Enhance practice management with Wave Connect — designed to simplify and automate care workflows.

Leverage real-time electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePRO) data to make informed decisions swiftly. Wave Connect keeps you updated with instant notifications and alerts, ensuring you're always in the loop. Stay ahead with our sophisticated risk prioritization tools that efficiently triage and mitigate risks for population health management.

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User Testimonials

  • It feels like for the first time in my journey that I understand what is going on with my body and my emotions... [It’s] extremely easy to use, which encourages me to enter the data during the day. And the insights are helpful. Thank you for creating this app.

    Cancer Patient
    chemoWave App
  • Love the app! I am finding it easier to manage my symptoms and conditions. It keeps all the logs, even has graphs to compare different activities and gives helpful insights, loving it!

    Chronic Illness Patient
    Wave App
  • I love chemoWave, it's for my wife. Really helps me keep track of her meds. Our Oncologist loves it too - Thank you for the program!

    Caregiver, Cancer
    chemoWave App
  • I am LOVING this app! It’s exactly what I needed! I had been sporadically adding notes to my iPhone... things I wanted to speak to my physician about. This is all that and more! I’m single and don't have a caretaker, the help from chemoWave is priceless!

    Cancer Patient
    chemoWave App
  • Using this app to track my health as related to my thyroid disease. This has been the perfect tool and so helpful. Can’t wait to show my doctor and see how it will help me get a handle on medications and side effects.

    Thyroid Disease Patient
    Wave App
  • Amazing app! This app has helped me to provide my doctor with better information about my experiences and symptoms which has been a game changer... Very grateful

    Cancer Patient
    chemoWave App
  • My husband has Rheumatoid Arthritis so I’m using Wave App for him to track his progress. It's intuitive. My mom (83) has been diagnosed with lung cancer so we will be using chemoWave App for her as well.

    Caregiver, Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Wave App
  • I have been on and off chemo all this year & I love chemoWave! I keep track of symptoms and vitals, temp and weight so I can show my nurses and doctors. It’s awesome having one place for this data. You have done a real service for people with cancer. I post your link periodically on all my cancer Facebook groups as well as recommending it whenever I’m asked about resources.

    Cancer Patient
    chemoWave App
  • I love this app! One of the worst things about receiving a cancer diagnosis is the overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. You feel there is nothing you can do. This app changes all that. There ARE things you can do, like tracking your eating habits, moods, energy level, side effects, etc. and communicating all of the info to your doctor. It helps you feel like you are more in control of your situation, but it also helps your doctor provide the most effective treatment possible. Healing becomes a team effort.

    Cancer Patient
    chemoWave App
  • I felt so rotten, and my son told me about chemoWave. I didn't even look at it for a bit, but I tried it out and now I love it.It helps me keep a log of the good days and the not so good days. when my doctor asks questions, I refer to it

    Cancer Patient
    chemoWave App
  • I was having a rough time at the beginning of my treatment, but a friend told me about chemoWave and it’s made a huge difference!... it helps a lot with sharing details with my doctor.

    Cancer Patient
    chemoWave App

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