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The Story

behind chemoWave

the diagnosis

“I remeber the day… the doctor came in and said, ‘It’s cancer.’ I was in shock and felt powerless.”


overwhelmed & out of control

“When I first started Chemo I felt like I was drowning in the ocean, struggling to just stay afloat.

Just when I would feel things were under control, the waves would start crashing in over me, pushing me down once more. 

I was barely able to hang on.”


chemoWave was born

Going through Chemo is alot like surfing. Once you learn to harnes the power of the crashing waves you can propell yourself and take control.

Ric’s partner Matt took this analogy to heart and created an app that helps Chemo patients record their treatment experience in a simple, convenient way, equiping them with personal insights. 

Ric & Matt began to take control

“chemoWave is not a magical device that automatically makes everything perfect… but rather a campion. It’s a tool to help you do everything in your power to feel better. To take control!”